Everyone wants to show off their ride. Regardless of the make and model, people with the most amazing exteriors are more than willing to show off what they got, revving up their engines and flashing their paint jobs in front of starstruck onlookers. 

You may be one of those who are hoping to impress your mates with your new car, giving them a glimpse of the shiny exterior and sparkling rims. While that may be an easy task for car owners who have just recently bought a new one or replaced a couple of their parts, some may find it difficult to represent their vehicles.

Rims, tires, bumpers, and even the outside paint tend to rust, flatten, and fade when subjected to various weather conditions. This is more visible if the car in question hasn’t been maintained for quite some time, bringing out some of its imperfections and scratches. One such exterior defect that one may find annoying may be the corrosion of their alloy rims.

While the consensus with this type of concern usually ends in the total replacement of the wheels, there are different ways to deal with them without buying a new set. If you want to save up on cash and know about these other methods, look no further than the following tips and recommendations.

Identify the Cause of the Corrosion

First things first, what caused the corrosion? You must know where your alloy wheel’s corrosion came from; otherwise, you may not be able to develop the proper approach. 

Different causes may have different solutions, and by knowing what you’re up against, you will be able to prepare and come up with a plan that may improve your wheels rather than damaging them more by mistake. 

Some of the more common causes are brake dust, kerbed wheels, and impurities that managed to make their way to the wheels during your recent paint job. All of these are avoidable, but if you happen to encounter any of them, you at least have an idea of how to treat your alloy rims best.

Find a Trusted Auto Repair Company to Handle the Corrosion

Going in with your DIY method may be a bad idea, so why not let the professionals handle it instead? You will never have to worry about messing anything up if you allow skilled personnel to take the brunt of the problem for you. 

Be sure to let them know what the possible cause of the corrosion is. Of course, they will also double-check it, but once they identify the root cause, they will remove the corrosion in the most appropriate way possible. Depending on the level of the damage, they may even need to dip it in acid.

Analyse the Cost

This one is critical, as it will touch on your personal budget and whether or not you are better off having them repaired or replaced. Alloy wheels are a bit fickle to handle, and while most may be fixed with just a few hours of tending to, others may end up being severely eroded, requiring you to buy a new set overall. 

Everyone wants to experience the former more than the latter, but none of that is ever up to you. Be sure to ask around for the service fees of your local auto centres so that you will have an idea of the amount that you must prepare for the process. If replacing them all is cheaper, go for that option instead.


Alloy wheel corrosions can be painful to deal with if you do not know how to approach them correctly. The good news is that there will always be workarounds that will allow you to get ahead of the problem, bringing you solutions that are very doable and less time-consuming. 

Identifying the cause, finding a trusted auto repair company, and analysing the cost will give you better alternatives in the long run, and all of that is better than having to buy a new set of alloy rims every time.

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