Alloy wheel refurbishment

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

We, as wheel specialists, love making your wheels look the part. We only use professional state of the art materials machines, tools and offer a wide range of colours to fit with manufacturer’s colours. Whether it is one or all four wheels we will take the same care and put them through the same professional process.

Our advanced alloy wheel refurbishment process involves a professional ten stage process to get your wheels looking wicked again

  1. We remove tyres from wheels using an advanced lever-less tyre machine. We remove centre caps, strip weights and remove valves
  2. We place wheels in a chemical strip tank to remove old paint so the wheels are back to bare alloy
  3. To prepare for painting we sand blast each wheel by hand individually
  4. Scuffs, kerb damage and scratches are treated at our wheel preparation station
  5. We inspect the wheels. Usually no other work is required at this stage but some structural issues are not visible until the paint has been stripped. We will take a photo and advise you if any aluminium welding or other work is required
  6. We place the wheels in a curing oven to prepare the wheel for powder coating so the temperature is just right
  7. We carry out three stages of powder coating 1) powder coat each wheel with primer, 2) powder coat each wheel with the manufacturer/customer’s selected powder coat colour 3) powder coat each wheel with clear lacquer. We will advise you if the manufacturer’s wheel colour is supplied in water based or solvent based colour and this will be used in place of powder coating if required by the customer
  8. After each stage of the three stages of powder coating, we cure the wheels in an oven – after primer, colour and clear lacquer are applied
  9. We remove wheels from final oven curing and allow them to cool
  10. We place new valves in wheels that do not have TPMS, put tyres back on and balance each wheel with weights and put centre caps back. If you have a modern vehicle fitted with Tyre Pressure Monitoring Valves (TPMS) please see our frequently asked questions (FAQ). Also please see our FAQ on wheel bolts