Alloy wheel refurbishment Stevenage

Aluminium Welding Service

We will always inspect your wheel and as responsible business we only weld wheels that can be repaired. Our welding service includes removal of the tyre, refitting of the valve and balancing. You may either bring the wheel to us or drive to us and we will take care of removing the wheel from your car and refitting once the repair work has been undertaken. If you’re not sure whether your wheel is a lost cause then please let us have a look and we’ll let you know.

Cracked alloy wheels can often be fixed on the same day. Repair of splits and missing chunks can take longer depending on the severity of the damage. During the process, we will use clean filler rods and equipment to avoid contaminants and grime from affecting the overall aesthetic quality of your alloy wheel.

If appropriate, the damaged area will be cut and shaped to receive the weld. It will then be welded inside and out using equipment which minimises the amount of heat transferred into the alloy but with the intention of maximising the strength of the weld without unduly softening the alloy. We always weld in such a way that the repair is at least flush with the surface of the wheel. The welded area will be machined back to create a seamless finish. If necessary the welded areas will then be sanded and smoothed off by hand to complete the job.

The process of welding an alloy wheel involves heating the damaged area to apply the weld. On the inside of the wheel this may not be visible, but if on the outside then highly likely that the paint finish will be affected. In these cases, the recommendation is to have the wheel fully refurbished.