Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Diamond Cut Stevenage

Diamond Cut Wheels Refurbishment

A diamond cut wheel is one that has been firstly painted and after painting or powder coating the outer face of the wheel is cut back on a lathe. It is then lacquered to produce the overall effect. Diamond cut wheels typically have a gloss alloy face with contrasting dark body. 

Many car manufacturers sell cars with diamond cut wheels. They look great but over time they may need to be refreshed to look their best, as stone chips and scratches can let water get under the lacquer. This results in peeling lacquer and discolouration.

Diamond cut wheels refurbishment involves using a state of the art precision machine that rotates the wheel on a specialist lathe. A fine layer of alloy is removed from the surface. This gives a superb highly polished smooth finish that can look even more wicked if you also refresh the wheels with a powder coated base layer. 

We recommend alloy wheels are only diamond cut once or potentially twice at the most, as each time metal is removed from the surface and this could result in a weakened wheel. We can discuss alternative finishes with you if you’ve already had your diamond cut wheels refurbished.