One of a car’s most brilliant features is newly refurbished alloy wheels, which often means opting for commercial powder coating. The process is fairly straightforward: you use spray guns on the rims, bake them in the oven, and cool them in a controlled environment to get a proper finish. While it may sound simple and doable in a home garage, a lot of things can go wrong, and they are often tough to repair. Consider the following common mistakes to learn more about them and what to do instead: 

Mistake #1: Having no access to proper alloy wheel paint colours and finishes 

You can source plenty of different alloy wheel paint materials and finishes at your local automotive shop, but they often become hard to mix together. It is because some of the chemicals used may not agree with each other, leading to a darker, less appealing shade. Worse, using the paint haphazardly can lead to uneven coverage, leaving the wheel rims in an unsightly mess. 

Most commercial powder coating service providers and their technicians already have the pre-prepared paint ready and other necessary materials to let the colour shine. They also know the proper spray painting technique, mixing, and even popular alloy wheel colouring trends. With their array of resources, you can get the finished results desired, and for a fair price! So instead of going for self-servicing and its perceived risks, bring your car straight to the professionals. 

Mistake #2: Letting thick layers of powder coating clump together and ruin the finish

Layering the power coating on too thick can lead to orange peeling and sagging, which are two of the most common signs of an amateur wheel refurbishment job. They often look like dips, cracks, and ripples. To avoid these issues, most well-experienced automotive serving experts maintain a clean environment in their workspace to prevent the drying racks from ruining the finish. They also use just enough wheel paint to let the layer harden evenly and look seamless all the way through.

When scouting for wheel servicing, glance at the work area to see if the surroundings are well-maintained to guarantee the team knows what they are doing. You can also ask questions upon your first meeting with the staff to determine what they do to avoid powder coating imperfections. Doing this lets you gain a better understanding if you can trust them with your vehicles.

Mistake #3: Using powder mixtures that are low quality and don’t meet industry standards 

Many car servicing manufacturers are developing revolutionary powder coating varieties, particularly those with moisture-resistant compounds, anti-UV properties, and discolouration blockers. They are released for commercial use. The problem is some of them may not meet the local or even international industry standards.

Poorly tested powder mixes may not be safe for your vehicle and can lead to poor quality wheel paint jobs and overpriced service fees. To avoid falling victim to these tricks, make sure your powder coating service provider shows proof that they use tried-and-tested products. 


Commercial powder coating is a great way to enhance your car’s look and feel, but you can be wary of the common mistakes out there. Experiencing them can affect your vehicle’s performance and resell value. To avoid mishaps, consult with local industry experts like us to guarantee proper, reliable servicing! 

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