For all British drivers, the rims on any car are a common sight that seems as straightforward as any part can get. With a significant chunk of our lives spent on the road, we interact with the mags on our cars nearly every day. In fact, sometimes the familiarity with them can get to the point where swapping them out will be more than enough to confuse a driver over whether or not a car is theirs! 

Throughout our lives, we’re expected to see at least more than a thousand different types of rims on various cars every single day. Unfortunately, this also leaves many of us prone to taking them for granted. Although these parts are familiar by all means in every sense of the word, the truth is that you probably don’t know as much about them as you expected!

Interesting facts worth learning about

If you thought you already knew everything about car rims, the truth is that you’ve probably only scratched the surface because of how much knowledge is truly out there. Fortunately, it isn’t too late to learn about what makes your rims so special because we’ve got you covered with a few little fun facts that are bound to keep you on your toes: 

1. Bigger rims burn more gas 

Often, the task of purchasing new rims to make a car look even better and feel sportier isn’t done with much thought. After all, what else is there to think about when it comes to a cosmetic upgrade? Well, here’s one thing to think about: Your gas consumption!

You may not think much about it now, but getting a bigger rim size for an upgraded appearance so that you get a flush finish will create an even bigger hole in your gas budget. The main reason an increase in rim size leads to higher gas consumption is that larger sizes have more contact with the ground and generate more friction, and this demands more energy and gas! 

2. Rims have lifespans

Admittedly, the same “lifespan” concept that applies to air filters, oil, tires, and other parts isn’t typically applied to rims because most drivers think that these hunks of metal can last a lifetime. 

While it can seem like rims will last a lifetime no matter how much of a beating they take, it’s critical to understand that they’re no stranger to the need for proper maintenance and utmost care. Fortunately, you can prolong the lifespan of your favourite set with measures like regular cleaning or letting Wicked Rims’ experts do their magic with a full-on refurbishment for some long-overdue TLC! 

3. Alloy materials are the way to go for impeccable handling

Another fun-fact about rims that any driver should know about is that when it comes to better handling, alloy variations provide the best results without any hesitation. 

Compared to other materials on the market, alloys make it far easier to attain world-class handling that was once thought to only be exclusive to road racers and rally drivers. With the help of an alloy rim set-up, you’ll give your car’s suspension an easier time while cutting weight dramatically for quicker accelerations and sustained speeds!


While rims are something that we widely know about in our daily lives because we interact with them each day when driving, the truth all is that we know less about them than we’d think. Through the help of the three fun-facts mentioned above, you can grow a stronger liking and a deeper appreciation for your car’s rims in no time!

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