Over time, a vehicle’s rims may get old and ugly, and proud car owners would want to get it restored to its former glory. Unfortunately, purchasing new sets of rims can be expensive. As such, refurbishment is much more preferred. That being said, one of the growing refurbishment techniques is diamond cut refurbishment. It serves as an excellent choice for those who want a much better result from the refurbishment effort. Diamond-cut finishes are becoming more and more popular, primarily because it allows car owners to enjoy a stunning finish to their vehicle’s wheels.

In this article, we’re going to delve deeper into diamond cutting, helping you understand what it is all about to help you decide whether diamond cutting wheel refurbishment is the way to go:

1. What Exactly Is a Diamond Cut Wheel?

A diamond cut wheel is a type of alloy wheel placed on a lathe with part or its entire surface machined off to leave an incredibly shiny finish. Only a tiny layer of the surface is removed to achieve this look, after which a layer of lacquer is applied to protect the exposed surface from corrosion.

An excellent way to tell if a wheel has been finished with a diamond cut is by looking closely at the rim’s surface. You will notice fine lines that were left by the machining process. Also, the surface of the rims will be shiny. However, note that these characteristics will diminish as the wheels get older, simply because corrosion takes over and hurts the wheel’s aesthetics. Another factor that can affect the wheel’s looks is the quality of the cut itself. The poorer the quality, the worse the appearance of the alloy.

2. Can I Diamond Cut Any Wheel?

It is important to note that not all wheels out there can be diamond cut. For example, some wheels may already be cut often, and cutting anymore will hurt their structural integrity. For example, some wheels can only be cut once, while others twice. Some other wheels may only allow diamond cuts in specific places, meaning that not all the surfaces can undergo the procedure.

To be more aware of what you can do with your vehicle’s wheels, you must contact a wheel specialist technician to advise you on what you can do with your car’s rims. If a rim cannot be diamond cut, you will more than likely be advised to opt for powder coating instead.

3. How Long Does the Finish Last?

In most cases, you cannot expect a diamond cut wheel to last as long as a powder coating refurbished wheel. This is because, with a diamond cut, the raw layer of the rim is exposed to the environment. Even with the help of a lacquer, corrosion can still take place quickly. 

If you have any concerns about this, feel free to talk to the wheel specialist technician again. They can help you understand how long the finish will last, giving you a good idea of what to expect from the process.


If you are looking for one of the best finishes you can ever have on your vehicle’s rims, consider reaching out to a wheel specialist technician to ask about diamond cut refurbishments. They will educate you more about the process and help advise you based on your rim’s status and your needs as to what best to do to refurbish the rims. Understand that if you cannot diamond cut the rims, there are good reasons for it which the specialist will tell you about. Otherwise, if you are able to get your rims diamond cut, go for it. Your car will enjoy a stunning new look, leaving you the proudest driver you can be!

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