The primary purpose of wheel rims is to bear the weight of the vehicle. They also ensure that the tires remain connected to the car and keep the tires as round as possible, providing a smooth and safe ride. Without rims, the car is nothing but a sculpture. 

In some cases, rims can also play a huge aesthetic role, making or breaking your car in terms of its looks. Custom rims exist for that reason and are available for enthusiasts who want to spice up their vehicle’s looks. Unfortunately, these rims can be quite expensive, but fortunately, there are many affordable ways to enhance your rims.

If you are interested in boosting your rim’s look, think about powder coating! It is a process wherein particles of pigment and resin are charged and sprayed onto the rims, then baked. The result is an astounding look to the rims, but the benefits do not end there!

1. It is a thorough coating solution

Compared to other solutions like liquid painting, powder coating is a much more thorough solution. No matter how complex the design is, the powder can reach every nook and cranny to ensure the paint covers every spot. This ensures that they look absolutely stunning with no missed spots once the rims are done and dusted.

2. Enhanced resistance

Rims are already built to resist plenty of forces. After all, it carries the vehicle’s weight and is responsible for keeping the tires attached to the car. Unfortunately, issues such as corrosion, chipping, and flaking can still occur, especially when they are exposed to the elements and rough conditions. 

You can address this issue with powder coating. Because the coating is non-porous, it is quite resistant to the elements. At the same time, it acts as a much more effective shield than what liquid paints can offer. No matter the environment it is subject to, it will keep the rims in pristine condition.

3. Improved durability

In the process of powder coating, baking is done to help the coating cure. This causes the powder layer to become thicker and more durable than any liquid coating solution out there. In other words, if you want a solution that will last long, powder coating is the way to go. As mentioned earlier, this coating also protects the rims, effectively improving their durability in the process.

4. Eco-friendly solution

The powdered coating is well known for its eco-friendliness. It is extremely efficient, meaning there is little to no waste depending on the painting facility. It also contains no dangerous compounds that can hurt the environment. 

Liquid paints can contain substances harmful to both the environment and people. They are also tough to recycle, meaning that the excess is hard to capture and reuse.


Overall, powder coating is one of the best solutions for your rims. Thanks to its versatility, professionals can do it on any rims. It can turn them into any colour with only your imagination as the limit! That said, we do not recommend powder coating your vehicle’s rims by yourself. Have a professional do it instead. They have all the skills and equipment necessary to thoroughly work on your rims, creating outstanding results that will just leave you in awe.

Wicked Rims is a professional wheel refurbishment company in Essex, offering powder coating, diamond cutting, and more to satisfy your car rim needs. If you require powder coating services to give your rims a stunning look, work with us today!