Diamond cutting is the process of removing a layer of the alloy wheel and painting it to get a shiny and machined-off finish. It is the go-to investment of car owners who want to upgrade their vehicle. The shiny glass-like finish can make a car attractive, especially on the road. However, this style is not the best for every vehicle.

If you plan on getting this service soon, you first need to consider these three important factors:

The Creation of the Diamond

So with that as the goal, here are essential things in diamond cutting:

  • You need someone with an eye for detail. The first step of the whole service is to check whether your car’s wheel is appropriate for the service. 
  • They need to remove one or two wheels when going through the process, so you might have to make alternate transportation plans. 
  • Remind yourself that the process involves chemical stripping and a thorough welding process that only professionals can do.
  • If you want to have a flawless output, you need quality machinery to do the job. 

Even during the repair proper, a professional could make the process simpler look simpler than it is. 

Your Alloy Wheel’s Maintenance

Alloy wheels need special care and maintenance. A diamond-cut wheel will need regular repair, refurbishing, and fitting. Because you are dealing with delicate materials, you need to rely on professionals to do this job. Otherwise, you would end up with damaged wheels.  

If there is one thing you should know about diamond-cut alloy wheels, it requires a different level of care than your traditional wheels. No one method applies to every car as each one is used differently. To know the proper way to care for it, you can ask your trusted automotive technician for some tips and recommendations. 

Note: Before they give their aftercare advice, they need to conduct a thorough inspection of your car’s capacity and performance. They need to do this every time they need to conduct repairs and maintenance on your vehicle.

How Many Times You Want It Tailored

You can refurbish your alloy wheel up to three times—sometimes more. Simply put, diamond cutting is not a one-time procedure. As long as your wheel is still in its perfect condition and can still accommodate it, you can have your wheels refurbished via diamond cutting. 


These are some considerations and expectations you need to think about if you plan to have your wheels diamond-cut. It is a different process than traditional refurbishment and deserves careful thought and some planning. After all, it can affect the car that you know and love both in how it looks and how it handles. 

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