Even if your car is exactly what you want it to be, there will come the point where you’ll start to think about switching things up. With after-market support for vehicles all over the UK becoming even more widespread than ever, refreshing your car’s looks with new parts will always be an easy option. From front splitters and boil-on canards to intakes and steering wheels, there are all sorts of things that you can swap out to refresh your car’s look.

However, this particular “swap this and that” mentality may not necessarily apply to your car’s wheels—which is where powder coating comes in. 

What Is Powder Coating?

Let’s face it: buying custom rims every time you transform your car isn’t the most sustainable thing to do when it comes to your finances. While your current set of wheels may seem a little played out, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get new ones. Through the help of a powder coating treatment, you can make your car look new and fresh without doing anything drastic or financially irresponsible. 

Powder coating is a type of mechanical treatment that changes the colour of your vehicle’s wheels, trim, panels, and more, transforming the look of your chosen parts. Beyond a change in appearance, this process is a must because it also adds layers of additional protection to any surface.

How Does Powder Coating Work?

The new and fresh finish is achieved with the help of a controlled electric charge. When a set of wheels (or any other vehicle part) is brought in for a new coat, the process of powder coating begins by using electronically charged ground particles. These materials are made of pigments and resin, which are sprayed onto a material of choice. They can adhere very easily, thanks to their electrostatic nature! 

After the colour particles are sprayed on, the resulting coating must be then baked with the help of a special piece of equipment. This step is critical for the overall success and finish of a powder coating job because doing so allows the created layers to have their particles blended and cured for a picture-perfect finish.

Why Is Powder Coating Better Than Paint?

When it comes to changing the colour or appearance of a set of wheels on a car, the first thing that comes to peoples’ minds is a full-on paint job. However, it isn’t as good for your car, wallet, and peace of mind as powder coating. 

To give you a quick idea of why powder coating is a better choice, here are some key benefits to be mindful of: 

  • All items can be creatively transformed thanks to a growing list of unique colours to choose from
  • Powder-coated wheels, in particular, are exemplary in terms of the kind of versatility they provide for protection
  • Car elements treated with powder coating are much less susceptible to scratching and chipping as opposed to standard painting


Transforming your car may be an itch that can’t be scratched until you actually pull it off. Fortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need heaps of money to carry it out. By simply powder coating your wheels with the help of a trusted expert, you can improve the way your car looks, save money, and enjoy durability all at the same time! 

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