Do you remember the feeling of giving your car a fresh set of upgraded alloy wheels? How about the time you went to a car meet and didn’t see that teeny-tiny curb and for the first time, dented your beautiful set of rims? Do you wish they were back to normal and looking fresh? If you answered yes to these questions, then perhaps you are due for refurbishment.

There is no doubt that even in the UK, dozens of potholes exist on our roads, and these cause massive problems for our rims. While you may think that it is time to make a swap out, if you are an Essex native, why not try alloy wheel refurbishment in Essex? Still not convinced that you need it? Here at Wicked Rims, we believe that wheel refurbishment is essential in car performance, and here’s why:

Alloy Wheels Are Not Invincible

Although you may have paid a fortune for your set of rims, these wheels that are crafted out of magnesium and aluminium alloys are not gonna survive constant contact with curbs or holes. Remember that wheels are responsible for keeping your car on the road and running safely at high speeds. Thankfully, alloy wheels don’t have to be chucked out the moment you notice they have taken a beating. Leaving them be, however, can cause serious problems in terms of safety and wear-and-tear. 

Some Issues A Corrupt Wheel Can Cause

There are plenty of issues that an irregularly shaped or defect-ridden wheel can cause, which we will be discussing here:

Tyre Wear

Tyres and your rims constitute the shoes of your car. While the alloy is your shoe, the rubber tyre is the sole that keeps the car on the road. When the rim is shaped unevenly, the footprint of the wheel causes tyres to wear down in irregular patterns. If there is a slight irregularity on the rim, this can cause more stress on some parts of the rubber tyre, therefore causing it premature damage. 

Worse Fuel Efficiency

Cars fuel efficiency is dependent on the rolling resistance offered by the wheel and tyres. You might have heard that your wheel size and tyre pressures play a part in fuel efficiency. While this is true, it is even more so with irregularly shaped wheels and tyres. Deformed wheel structures mean that more power is needed to overcome frictional forces, resulting in higher amounts of fuel being used up by the engine to gain power. This ruins the fuel economy of your car by a lot. 

Risks Of Failures At High Speeds

Having a damaged wheel and running it on the highway can cause it to shatter and put your life in danger. To avoid high-speed accidents with a damaged wheel, have it repaired and refurbished as soon as you see any signs of damage. 

Risks Of Corrosion

Wheels are painted and coated well to prevent corrosion that is caused by the exposure to the elements of the environment. If your alloy wheel has chips or scratches, moisture and salt on the road can cause alloys to corrode and damage the wheel prematurely. 

Why Refurbishing A Wheel Requires Professional Work

Alloy wheels normally come in unique shapes and sizes, which means that they are far from being simple flat and round surfaces. This will make it an issue if you are trying to properly coat an entire wheel and you accidentally miss out on a spot, or unevenly apply coatings. 

The painting process afterwards entails a lot of tools and a long process using specialized chemicals and infra-red lamps to dry the base coat. You can even choose the colour you want it refurbished in for a new look for your car thanks to your alloy wheel paint job. 


Alloy wheels are beautiful works of art and engineering that will definitely be exposed to harsh conditions and even damages over time. No matter how safe your drive, there will always be something that can damage your wheel, which requires alloy wheel repair and repainting to keep its lifespan long. 

Wicked Rims is your premier alloy wheel refurbishment and repair service shop in Stevenage. With all kinds of refurbishment jobs, powder coating, colour changes, diamond cuts, welding, and wheel straightening, Wicked Rims has it all for your alloy wheels.