Much like any other car part, alloy wheels are no stranger to the need for proper maintenance to help ensure that they stay in perfect shape and look their best. 

After riding around with your rims, you’re probably sold on the fact that your car can never look the same without them because of how well they accentuate your ride’s appearance and feel. From drives by the countryside to inner-city meets, the alloy marvels you roll on do both your taste and investment justice—which is why you’re keen on keeping them in perfect shape. 

But once your set of rims gets to a certain age, there will be a certain point wherein it will look quite a ways away from its glory days because of all the built-up grime, chips, and bends. Fortunately, this is where the services of a professional like Wicked Rims can come in handy because you have the opportunity to get your alloy wheels refurbished. However, what actually goes on during said process?

A Step-by-Step Overview of the Refurbishment Process 

The alloy wheel refurbishment process is a revival for any set of the namesake part as it involves restoring its finish to look absolutely brand new. Although the whole idea of simply touching wheels up may seem like such a minor process, the difference it makes is in the overall look and feel of a car, especially given all the steps involved.

To give you a better idea of what happens when you bring your alloy wheels in for refurbishment, let’s go over each step involved in further detail:

Step #1: Preparation

To start the entire process, a professional must first remove the tyres of the wheels and then strip them down to their bare metal by using sanding or the application of a paint stripper. The reason the parts in question must be stripped down is that it helps ensure that an applied finish sticks as well as it should. Additionally, stripping helps give more room for a proper assessment of the entire wheel so that any form of damage can be repaired before the actual refurbishment is carried out. 

After the bulk of the paint is removed from a set of alloy wheels, all pieces are then sandblasted or blasted to remove the smaller remains of the previous finish while ensuring that all corrosion is removed. By the time blasting is done, what remains is a set of bare-metal wheels that are fully prepared for restoration and repair. 

Step #2: Painting

Once a wheel goes through the steps of paint removal, blasting, repair, and general preparation, it is then ready for the painting process.

For a much better and smoother finish, a professional will first apply a base coat on the alloy wheels that helps ensure an even base that makes it easier for a chosen paint to stick. This particular application is performed in the same way as the actual coat of paint, wherein a painter will start at a 6 o’clock position and work their way around for even painting.

After a primer or base coat is cured and dried, alloy wheel refurbishment professionals will then apply a chosen paint colour using the same method mentioned above. Often, experts will choose to set in the paint through the use of “curing” (which is done by placing the wheel in a specialised oven that will help the final coats settle in). 

Step #3: Finishing Touches

To cap off the wheel refurbishment process, professionals will undertake a few extra steps to ensure that a set of rims is in its best shape. For instance, various polishing measures are applied after a wheel is treated with a top coat to ensure a smooth, even, and shiny finish that makes the part in question look brand new. In some cases, professionals will even apply topcoats to create a glossy, satin, or matte finish depending on the preferences or requests of a client for maximum satisfaction! 


When it comes to ensuring that a set of alloy wheels looks brand new again after years of use and road beatings, nothing gets the job done better than a well-executed alloy wheel refurbishment. Through the help of this process, any driver can ensure that their ride looks absolutely amazing and flawless all over again! 

Wicked Rims is a friendly professional wheel refurbishment company based close to the old town in Stevenage. Whatever your needs we offer a full range of services at competitive prices. We listen to you and use only high-quality equipment and professional materials to get your wheels looking wicked. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!