A car’s aesthetics is one of the most important facets of a car. While many will argue that any vehicle is fine for as long as it runs, a purchase as sizeable as a car ought to be kept in a presentable condition—especially when it’s appearance can be directly attributed to your personality.

In this regard, many would think that the best way to spruce a car up is through tuning and expensive body kits. While these will transform how your car will look, even something as simple as a well-picked wheel modification can superbly enhance your vehicle’s image.

Wheel Modification

Wheel modification encompasses any change or alteration to a vehicle’s wheel and tyres. Although this can most definitely improve the car’s handling and performance by a small margin, the overall purpose for this is usually for the aesthetic impact of a change in wheels. 

Services of this type include a change in alloy wheel paint, a change of the wheel itself, changing either it’s look or material, or even as simple as changing the type of tyre that’s mounted. With the number of modifications available today, simple variations can readily improve your car’s visual impact.

Tips For Choosing the Perfect Wheel

The best thing about wheel modification is that it’s not as expensive as many other aesthetic modifications on your car. Despite it being on the more affordable range, choosing the perfect wheel for your car isn’t about how much you spend, but about how well your taste is.

To help you out, however, consider these quick tips when looking for the perfect set of wheels for your car’s overall aesthetic.

Stick To The Basics

Your car’s tires are integral to its function, which is why it’s essential to have some care when switching up your tyres and wheels. When it comes to modifications, it’s best to stick to basic mods when you don’t have the budget, as mistakes in wheel replacement can cause irreparable damage to your car.

Remember, your car’s chassis dictates the wheels it can accommodate. Using wheels of improper circumference and width can ultimately break your car unless you modify the chassis as well.

Compare and Contrast

When it comes to wheel types and colours, the best way to find your style is to compare as many styles as you can. Seeing a set of wheels on your car is the best option when considering changing the design, as pictures can be very misleading.

In terms of colour, contrast is the key to aesthetic impact. Although changing the colour to match the body is one option, it will “hide” the aesthetic of your wheels—which is the opposite of what you intend in the first place. Choose contrasting colours for extreme impact as this can really make it pop out of the curb.

The Dark and the Light of It

Choosing dark coloured rims are a common choice and with good reason, of course. These can mix and match with almost any colour and body type—making it the perfect choice for amateur wheel modifications.

While that may be the case, you can also consider light coloured variants. Light colours will really cause your wheels to pop out, which if matched properly with your car, can steal the show as soon as you come rolling in. Take note, however, that lighter colours are definitely more prone to dirt and discolouration—so choose your colours wisely.


If you want to modify your car’s aesthetic, the best place to start is with your wheels. Through a simple alloy wheel paint job, you can dramatically personalize your car and show off your creativity. Beyond this, a simple refurbishment can increase the aesthetic appeal—as clean wheels make for beautiful looks.

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