For any car owner, making their ride look good is worth all the gold in the world. Aside from the fact that it would bring out the ride’s “personality,” it would also say so much about the owner themselves. 

Sure, not all those who drive know how to style their car; however, those who do know about the ins and outs of car exteriors would not cut any corners in making their ride stand out amongst the rest!

Out of all the exterior aesthetics that a car may show off, its rims would definitely rank high up on the list.

What Are Alloy Wheels and Why Are They Preferred Over Average Rims?

Alloy wheels are wheels that are made from a mixture of aluminium or magnesium. Aside from that, they are further reinforced by combinations of metals and other elements! 

Some of today’s most efficient drivers would tell you that alloy rims have a certain feel to them—and they are definitely right. For one, they are way lighter than your average rims. This enables them to go a lot faster because of the reduction in weight. Aside from that, they can also be manoeuvred easily, giving the driver more control on the road!

Now, just because they are durable doesn’t mean that they can’t be scratched or damaged by a strong impact. As with other rims, they will also undergo wear and tear. The durability and integrity of your rims will depend on the proper care, maintenance, and refurbishing method that you would apply to it.

What Are the Two Refurbishing Methods for Alloy Rims and Which One Is Better?

There are two ways to refurbish an alloy rim—both of which are done to make it look as good as new. Namely, they are the powder coating method and the spray painting method. While these two procedures may vary, they each have their pros and cons. 

If you want to know more about these pointers, look no further than the following bullet points.

For Powder Coating:

The Advantages

  • It is more eco-friendly due to the fact that it does not use solvents.
  • It makes the rim more durable due to the extra layer of protection added by the coating itself.
  • It ensures a much better recoating since this method tends to reach those intricate places on your exteriors.

The Disadvantages

  • It is a lot more time-consuming, especially if it’s being applied on intricate surfaces.
  • It requires a special kind of equipment, unlike your average spray paints.

For Spray Painting:

The Advantages

  • It gives you a lot more options in terms of colours.
  • It has a smoother finish than your average powder coating.

The Disadvantages

  • It tends to fade over time, requiring you to repaint it again.
  • It is less durable than powder coating. There are no extra layers of protection, just paint.


With all of that being said, the battle between powder coating and spray painting definitely brought out many points. The former is all about protection with limited style, while the latter is all about style with minimal protection! Depending on your preference, you may opt to apply one of these refurbishing procedures to your alloy in order to make it look like a brand-new purchase. Never settle for just one option; try out both on separate occasions and see which one works best for you.

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