You’d be surprised to know that the UK’s automotive aftermarket business is currently worth £21 billion, covering the complete A to Z of vehicles—axles to a Z-bar linkage. With that said, road wheels take up a considerable part of the statistics whether you’re replacing original equipment or going for something lighter or bigger to change the aesthetics of your vehicle. 

Many are taking their car to experts, so their vehicles get extra attention on their bodywork to improve the appearance and functions of their car. Although you can only count on wax and basic cleaning when it comes to maintaining wheels and tyres, it’s still a straightforward giveaway on how one treats their cars. 

For this reason, it’s crucial to spend a little extra time ensuring that your wheels are in perfect condition. Whether you’re getting an alloy wheel repair, or want it clean and ready to go, here are some expert-approved tips that can keep your wheels in great condition.

Tip #1: Wash and Wax Your Wheels

Just like your car’s bodywork, it’s important to protect the finish of your wheels and give it a decent wax to ensure your wheels last longer. When you wax your wheels, you don’t only allow them to shine; you also protect their exteriors from dust and grime build-up. 

While wax can surely keep dust from sticking, providing you with a cleaner, slick look, wax can also help make cleaning much easier since you can remove most of the dirt with minimal chemicals. 

Tip #2: Chemical Cleaners

Before, we only had limited options on how to clean your vehicle’s wheels. Before automotive innovations, the only way to get clean wheels was to spend time on a stiff brush and strong detergent to get rid of all the grime. 

Today, professionals use quick spray chemical cleaners that remove about 90 percent of dust and dirt, putting your wheels back to tip-top condition. However, you should know that some chemicals can tarnish your alloy wheels, so if this happens, it’s best to take your car for alloy wheel repair immediately. 

Tip #3: Check Your Brake Pads

After cleaning and waxing your wheels, checking your brake pads if they’re fitted is a crucial step for wheel maintenance. This is because when checking your brake pads, you can add aftermarket pads that could improve your brake’s efficiency.

And since rakes operate at a higher temperature, they wear off much quicker, so it’s best to keep an eye on your brakes, so it doesn’t affect the function of your wheels as well. 

Tip #4: Keep an Eye Out on Damage and Adjustments

Nothing’s worse than getting scratches on your alloy. So besides chemical damage, it’s important to salvage your alloy wheels to ensure that you maintain their aesthetics and functions. 

Besides dealing with damage, you also need to ensure that you go through seasonal adjustments to protect your wheels and ensure it functions the way it should be. This way, you’ll constantly be protected on the road, allowing you to mitigate any issues. 

The Bottom Line: Your Wheels are an Important Part of Your Vehicle

There’s no denying that vehicles require a lot of work to ensure they run smoothly and keep an impressive appearance. Though wheels only rely on waxes and are clean, you must do them religiously, alongside alloy wheel repairs and seasonal adjustments to ensure they’re in their tip-top shape. 

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