As a car owner, you strive to keep your vehicle in excellent condition to last you for the years to come. You develop the habit of constantly washing your car, bringing it to the mechanic shop, and driving carefully to keep it from experiencing damage on the road.

One of the most critical parts of your vehicle is its alloy wheels. They keep you safe when you’re behind the wheel, bringing you from one location to another, so they require maintenance and repairs when necessary too.

However, it’s not all the time that people focus on their car’s wheels and tires. But when you fail to take care of your alloy wheels, it could experience damage and put your life in danger. Bent rims could blow out your tires, resulting in accidents. Keep reading below to find out how to tell your alloy wheels are in trouble and will require immediate repairs.

You Experience Vibrations When Turning the Wheel

A prominent indication that your car’s old school alloys are bent is the vibration or shaking movements you encounter every time you steer the wheel. Damaged rims can lead your tires to become uneven, especially when they touch the surface of the road you’re driving on.

As a result, you face vibration while using your vehicle. If you feel the shaking movements in the front of your car, it could indicate that your front rims are bent. Meanwhile, vibration at the back of your vehicle could mean your rear rims are the ones that are buckled and broken.

Your Car’s Performance isn’t the Same as Before

When your alloy wheels bend without your knowledge, it could affect your tire pressure and lead to other car problems. Failing to acquire the necessary alloy wheel repairs could decrease the performance of your car, including your steering capabilities.

The moment you notice your car’s movement seems unusual, or it’s challenging to control, unlike before, you likely have bent or buckled rims. You could take the matter into your own hands by inspecting them or bringing your car to the mechanic right away for a checkup.

You Notice Obvious Damage on Your Wheels

Often, if your wheels experience wear and tear, you can immediately tell unless you have big metal or plastic hubcaps installed that could cover the potential damage on your alloys. What you can do is take out the hubcaps and assess your wheels and tires for any damage.

You should take your time inspecting your car’s tires to make sure you won’t overlook any major damage that could be the cause of your bent alloys. When your wheels are deformed, they require the proper repairs to straighten them out. In some cases, you will need a complete alloy wheel refurbishment because your current alloys are unsalvageable. 

Your Vehicle’s Tires Deflate More Than Usual

Your car’s wheels and tires always go together and fit like a glove. If your alloys bend and pull away from your tires, it could lead to air leaks or result in a flat tire, which you must get fixed ASAP. Typically, your vehicle’s tires shouldn’t deflate easily, especially on an average day.

But if you start noticing your tires deflating and losing their air more than usual, which requires you to drop by the gas station or mechanic to fill them up with air, you could be facing tire damage. The slow leak that’s occurring may prevent you from driving safely because it could become a blowout if you continue to use your car without getting it fixed first.


The alloy wheels of your vehicle require proper maintenance, too, the same way the rest of the components of your car go through regular upkeep and repairs when necessary. If you’re unsure about the condition of your wheels, the best thing to do is to take it to the shop to let a professional inspect its current status and perform an aluminium car wheel refurbishment. Meanwhile, if you encounter vibrations, poor performance, apparent damage, and deflating tires, they are obvious reasons that something’s up with your alloy wheels.  

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