While rims are constructed to be one of the sturdiest and strongest parts of the vehicle, they aren’t damage-proof. Over time, the stress they are put under will deteriorate their integrity, leading to cracks and other issues. However, this is an issue that not many people realize they’re dealing with up until it is too late.

With that being said, what exactly causes cracked rims? Additionally, are cracked rims safe to drive with? Are they repairable? These are the questions you might have in your mind, which we will be answering today:

What Are the Common Causes of Cracked Rims?

Many people assume that potholes are the main culprit to cracked or damaged rims. While potholes certainly will damage rims, they aren’t the only reason. There are plenty of others, and one of the most common ones is driving on a flat tire.

Driving on a flat tire can cause rim damage simply because every single bump the wheel experiences will be transferred right into the rims. A well-inflated tire will absorb most of the bumpiness, but a flat tire doesn’t do so as well. For that reason, always make sure that the tires are properly inflated. Don’t forget to consider the surrounding temperature to ensure you don’t end up overinflating or underinflating the tires!

Apart from driving on flat tires, another cause of damaged and cracked rims is driving over a curb. While this will leave you feeling a little awkward, the wheels will bear the brunt of the force. The sharpness and height of a curb is something no wheel should face, and it can easily damage the rims. As such, whenever you drive in unfamiliar places or park near curbs, do so carefully.

Are Cracked Rims Safe to Drive On?

The answer to this is: it depends. Small cracks might not pose many issues, if any at all, while extensive cracks can become safety hazards by letting air out quickly. The most dangerous scenario, however, is a full-blown blowout. This can cause you to immediately lose control of your vehicle, possibly resulting in an accident.

Overall, you wouldn’t want to take the risk of driving with cracked rims. If you notice any vibrations when driving, it is vital to check the rims. While cracked rims may not be directly causing the vibrations, it is an issue you do not want to deal with regardless. 

Can You Fix Cracked Rims?

If you notice any damage to the rims, you might be thinking of sending the rims in for a repair. However, understand that depending on the location and direction of the crack, the damage may or may not be fixable. It can also depend on how good the professional is at fixing the rims, so when you do send it in for a repair, don’t fully expect the rims to be fixable. Always be ready to have the rims replaced, but more often than not, having brand-new rims is better than using older ones.


If you suspect that you are driving on cracked rims or notice any signs of damage to the rims, have the rims sent in for inspection immediately. Professionals can identify the extent of the damage and give you a solution for what can be done to fix the rims. That being said, prevention is always better than cure, so whenever you go driving around, always drive carefully and safely. Ensuring that your tires are properly inflated and avoiding things like potholes and curbs will enable your rims to last a lot longer. However, if you notice any issues with the rim, do not be hesitant to have a certified mechanic check the rims! The longer you wait, the worse the problem, and the more expensive the fix will become.

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