Cars nowadays run on beautifully crafted alloy wheel products that are stronger and lighter than their traditional steel counterparts. This lightweight build makes for a smooth and incredible ride feel, traditionally only for sports cars or motorsport vehicles. However, today’s world has all kinds of alloy wheel products available for various cars, which gives owners an endless set of choices in the looks department. 

However, riding on an alloy wheel set isn’t always perfect, as you’re still subject to the uncertainties of the road and various damages that might occur. You might hit one of the UK’s infamous potholes while going at speed or even curb your vehicle on a sidewalk or parking garage. Either way, these damages are structural and will weaken the products attached to your car. You’ll need alloy wheel repair jobs to restore them to peak conditions once again. Here’s what you need to look for when you’re going for a refurb and refurbishment job to help fix the expensive wheels on your car:

Ageing Wheel Sets

Over time, your wheels might develop scuffs and scratches from running at high speeds and coming into contact with some dirt patches. Rocks and gravel can sometimes bounce off your rims, which will deteriorate their aesthetics and appearance. What was once a shiny set of rims now has deep cuts from hard materials striking them continuously. You’ll then want an alloy wheel paint job that not only restores and checks the status of the rims but also paints them into a shiny new product ready to wow people’s eyes. 

Cracks and Cuts

If any cracks surface, they aren’t a good sign for an alloy wheel. No matter how small the crack or cut looks, this can indicate deeper structural integrity issues, putting you at risk when going at high speeds. Alloys need to be perfectly bonded, and without gaps in production, otherwise, they lose their strength and perfect rotation. Cracks can quickly turn into a shattered wheel, meaning that you’ll need a refurb and refurbishment job for alloy wheel repairs. 

Irregular Tyre Wear

Tyre wear is a challenge that everyone will have to deal with over time, as rubber tyres never last forever. However, irregular tyre wear, where some spots are more worn than others, might indicate irregularities in the alloy wheel’s shape. A deformed alloy wheel is not uncommon, as potholes can quickly destroy the soft aluminium build’s form if the hole is deep enough. You’ll need a proper alloy wheel repair and refurbishment shop to restore the alloy to its original shape in these cases. 

Faded Paint or Finish

If you’ve purchased a set of alloy wheels that have a colourful finish or a shiny appearance, they might lose their coating over time. These instances aren’t exactly damages, but they look ugly and will ruin your car’s aesthetic and appeal. You’ll want alloy wheel paint services to restore them to the right tone and shine, which will make your vehicle develop a better look. They will also be protected from further damages in some cases, which is why a new paint job is always good to invest in to ensure a new look. 


Alloy wheels are excellent products that change the look of a car. They are also top-tier performance parts that make vehicles run better and smoother. Any issues that damage the wheels can cause considerable safety problems while going at speed. Be sure to check the status of your rims and have them repaired whenever needed. 

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