The complexity of the mechanical wonder that is the car remains a mystery to many. Technology has undoubtedly created some of the best vehicles the world has ever seen, and as the years go by, it just keeps getting better and better. However, there are some trends that have stayed the same or have made a comeback. It is nice to see some things from the past come back and make a name for themselves yet again, and one of these is powder coating. 

Materials like metals often have allergies to the environment, and when it comes to industrial projects of today’s world, we can thank powder coating for getting us to where we are now. In the field of industrialization, the most important material for building anything is arguably metals, and steel is integral in building the large structures we see skyrocketing today. 

Powder coating is one of the things that has kept many metal structures in good condition. If you’re wondering what this has to do with cars, keep reading to find out!

A Brief History Of Powder Coating

Post-WW2 saw the use of powder coating winning the fight against the use of paint due to its first form called “macromolecules” sprayed onto metal. However, the environmentally-conscious movement saw this as damaging due to the chemicals used, which meant its existence was doomed. 

Powder coating was initially an electro-static spray in powder form that used electrical charges to infuse onto grounded materials. The difference between this and the modern alternative used today is the environmental safety rating of the spray solution. 

Today, powder coating is not seen as much as it once was due to the existence of ceramic coatings and other anti-corrosion sprays that have proven their ability to protect metal. Even so, powder coating remains one of the best ways to protect off-road vehicles, especially those that are used to race in desert series races. 

Nowadays, powder coating is most frequently used in military applications, marine use, and other heavy equipment, but we can see it in some automotive applications as well. 

Why Powder Coating?

Note that powder coating is heavier than paint, so if you are building a performance car that needs every bit of weight reduced, stay away from powder coating. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself the question of how much you want to be protected against corrosion. 

Powder coats bond to wheels extremely well and are very thick and durable. This will reduce water, salt, chemicals, and other substances from penetrating your rim finish to bare metal. Although it is heavier, it is definitely heavier duty and will protect your alloy wheels from any damages that can be caused by chemicals and small impacts. 

Thermoset Versus Thermoplastic Coatings

There are two types of powder coatings available for car rims, namely thermoset and thermoplastic coatings. The former is a more permanent type of coating that cannot be removed through melting or heat treatment, meaning it is set for a long time. Since it is difficult to remove, anyone looking to have the treatment done must be confident about the colour and type of rim they want for their car. The latter is a coating that can be removed to change colours as the owner sees fit. This is an advantage if you are a car owner who enjoys changing the look of your vehicle. 


Powder coating has its applications. For performance cars and track cars, you may not find these an optimal solution. If you live in an area full of off-road-esque roads or by the sea, though, a set of wheels powder coated is a fantastic way to enjoy maximum protection. Taking care of your alloy wheels are important, which is why protective coating and care is integral in keeping them running smoothly. 

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