Contrary to popular belief, car detailing treatments aren’t just for aesthetic improvements. The brand-new gloss and shine from refurbishing services help ensure that your vehicle is in top condition, preventing and healing any degradation from physical or chemical damage. This is why you need to invest in treating your car well if you want it to look and run beautifully.

Your wheels and tires generally face the brunt of the damage of driving your vehicle. Since it’s closest to the ground, it’s most vulnerable to scratches and nicks from asphalt, concrete and other debris. The worst part is that these signs of wear and tear will build up over time, making it difficult for you to know when to receive the necessary repairs. Thankfully, you can apply powder coating to your alloy wheels to ensure that they’ll have extra protection from the elements.

Protecting your alloy wheels through powder coating

Dents and nicks on your alloy wheels are small yet apparent damage that can ruin your car’s look. Although older car owners prefer liquid paint to remedy these marks, there’s already a better method to take preventative measures for your vehicle. With powder coating, electrostatically charged pigments and resins create a hard finish that’s tougher than your regular paint job. It’s an innovative treatment to protect metal surfaces in vehicles.

If you don’t think your car needs powder coating, here are three benefits you should know about it:

1. Increases resistance against physical scratches

You won’t always be driving on a smooth paved road with well-levelled asphalt. This is mostly the case for car owners who use the same vehicle for both in and out of the city. Driving through harsh terrains can seem like a minor inconvenience, but it can be surprisingly harmful to your car’s underside. To prevent this, powder coating uses a non-porous layer to reinforce your alloy wheel’s defences against minor damages that can build up over time.

2. Protects your metal surfaces from corrosion

Besides physical damage, your alloy wheels are also susceptible to other elemental forms of damage. Corrosion and discolouration are also signs of wear and tear from dirt, salt and abrasions. Rusting from moisture and humidity is one of the leading causes of degrading alloy wheels. The powder coating’s protective layer prevents the wheel’s surface from dealing with these chemical reactions.

3. Covers every area of your wheel’s surfaces

Having an uneven application for paint jobs is a common fear among car owners, regardless of what part needs retouching. However, you won’t have that issue with powder coating. Applying powder coating on your wheels allows it to extend its original coat. Since it’s a more durable form of finishing than traditional paint, it must first apply on the surface dry, unlike wet liquids. By introducing heat, the coating flows out and forms a protective gel along the wheel’s surfaces. It creates an even finish that covers every corner and edge of your wheel’s areas.


You don’t have to own a luxurious vehicle to receive refurbishing services. Taking care of your car’s look is just one of the many advantages of powder coating. This is why you should make it a habit to give your car some extra protection before you head on to the road. Its practical benefits are why all car models need to visit a professional garage for repairs and treatments.

If you want to ensure that your car can stay strong and healthy for years to come, you need to give it treatments that will prolong its use and durability. At Wicked Rims, we specialise in professional wheel refurbishment in Essex to prevent your minor issues from being expensive replacements. Contact our garage today, and our refurbishing experts will give you the best service your money can buy!