Alloy wheels are an incredible piece of engineering when it comes to the world of car technologies. These masterfully-crafted pieces of art can offer cars not only visual aesthetic appeal, but also performance functionality. Whether they are old school alloys or modern performance rims, these wheels still serve the same purpose while remarkably improving the way a car runs.

Alloys are typically lighter than the steel wheels that come stock with many cars on the market. Additionally, their high-quality production ensures that they are always made of the best materials and have premium quality control checks before being shipped out. Since alloy wheels are built with so much care and precision, they are practically a perfectly round shape that offers many benefits to the way a vehicle runs. However, even these incredible products are susceptible to damages while driving on a day-to-day basis, which makes refurb and refurbishment jobs a must-have. 

Spotting Alloy Wheel Damages Before Disaster

It is essential to keep in mind that alloy wheels are lighter than the traditional steelies found on most cars, making them easily susceptible to cracks and scuffs. Hitting potholes, kerbs, or even running on uneven surfaces can damage the wheels. The worst-case scenario that you want to avoid is smashing up your alloy wheel while speeding down a highway. Not only will a shattered alloy wheel be a hassle to replace, but it is also costly to fix the components of your car that have been damaged by uneven running at high speeds. 

The best way to approach spotting any small damages is to run a full inspection when you hit a pothole or a kerb while driving. Pulling over to the side of the road or parking somewhere will give you time to assess any possible cracks or misalignment. These cracks can be very microscopic at first glance or even not visible, but these can quickly grow in size when speed is involved. 

Why Alloys Must Always Be Healthy

Aside from safety precautions due to a damaged wheel running at speed, misaligned or cracked alloys are going to hurt fuel efficiency and even irregular tyre wear. Running a set of alloys that are not in the same, perfectly round condition will make your vehicle use more fuel due to the increased pressure added on the rest of the vehicle. With the engine working twice as hard, you might be spending a bit more on fuel than you’d like to be shelling out. Also, over time if your wheels become corroded you may not be able to see this as the corrosion may be on the wheel barrel and it may affect your tyre pressures.

Additionally, any scuffs and scratches from hitting kerbs will remove the aesthetic value of your car, especially if you’re running a performance car. Performance-wise, you might notice worse handling or even difficulties reaching top speeds. When these two are in the picture, you don’t want to go faster than usual due to the risks of a shattered alloy wheel. 

How Do I Know When I Need Repairs?

The most significant telltale sign of a needed alloy wheel repair job is visible damages to the wheel. Once you spot any cracks, contacting a refurb and refurbishment service is recommended right away. Other signs might consist of a frequent drop in tyre pressure, vehicle vibration, poor handling, and more difficult turning. Additionally, you might notice more frequent gas fill-ups and other strange sounds coming from the outside of the car while you are driving. 

When any of these signs materialise and are becoming more prominent, it is advisable to visit alloy wheel repair services to bring life back to your vehicle’s rims. 


Alloy wheels are a beautiful way to showcase your car. Whether it is a performance car or just your daily driver, these wheels can bring a whole new level of eye-catching goodness. As time goes by and damages start to appear, it is always best to contact a refurb and refurbishment shop as soon as possible. 

Wicked Rims offers professional alloy wheel refurbishment in Stevenage in Hertfordshire for wheels that are damaged or scuffed while driving. Keep your wheels in top shape at all times for maximum safety and visual pleasure. Visit our workshop to see our display wall of wheels and find out more about our services for all kinds of car alloy wheels.