New cars definitely have their charm. Their sleek look is most often because they haven’t gone through much use, particularly through dirt roads, the rainy or muddy season, or simple day-to-day driving in the city. But by the time you’ve got great mileage with your new vehicle, the chances are that it will show on your alloy wheels.

Your wheels will inevitably be the grimiest part of your car because, simply, they’re positioned to receive baked dust from dirt and heat! But, don’t fret; here are the top tips for cleaning your alloy wheels:

Tip #1: Leave Deep Cleaning to A Specialist

A part of being a car owner is knowing how to maintain your vehicle. At the same time, you’re expected to keep up its grooming, such as light vacuuming and car washes. 

When it comes to your alloy wheels, you can clean them surface deep—but a thorough cleaning will require the attention of specialists. They will use a dedicated wheel cleaner to soften the dirt initially and rinse it off after. 

Tip #2: Pressurized Water Is Your Best Friend 

The power of pressurised water is excellent for blasting off most dirt on your car and your wheels, but it won’t be enough to remove tough, baked-on dust. So instead, use an alloy wheel deep cleaner for the smallest ridges and narrow gaps on your wheel to melt off everything. In doing so, you won’t have to spend too much on professional wheel refurbishment in the long run. 

Tip #3: Wear Gloves 

Wear rubber or latex gloves so you can protect your hands, skin, and nails at all costs. Don’t let cleaning give you skin irritation from strong products and fine dust!

Tip #4: Take Your Time

When it comes to cleaning, don’t rush the process. 

First, apply your alloy wheel cleaning products and let them sit out for some time. Depending on the brand or product you’re using, the amount of time to wait will vary. Once you’ve waited for the recommended amount of time, give it a good wash. The rinse-off will require you to do it around twice or thrice to ensure that there won’t be any residual dirt and cleaning substances left behind.

Tip #5: Finalize With A Wheel Wax

For the final step, find the best wheel wax for your tyres. 

When you apply wheel wax, you add an extra layer of protection from dirt build-up. This is a substance that will help you retain the original condition of your wheels for as long as possible. So, prolong its lifespan and let that tyre be coated and shined back to its original charm!


Taking care of your car takes a lot of responsibility, and this should come with a clear understanding that vehicles are meant to get soiled. Given that, it’s imperative that you regularly do the cleaning yourself. A good DIY session is the best way to learn! 

Moreover, you should also set aside a budget for car emergencies and accidents and be ready for minor or major maintenance. So before you decide that you can DIY, you must first collect the numbers of reliable technicians that can help you instantly. 

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