Any car owner would agree with the sentiment that a car is an extension of the owner’s personality. The personalisation options with a car are endless since you can switch up its parts through modifications. Some of the most modified components of a vehicle are the engine, interior, suspension, and wheels.

Modifying wheels is different from changing them out of necessity since the former is a personal choice while the latter is typically for safety purposes. Many car owners choose to change the colour of their wheels to personalise the look of their car. This can change the look of a car in day and make your car look fierce or classy.

In this article, we give you some pointers on how to transform your car’s physical look with the use of wheel colour.

Coloured Wheels Are for Everyone

Most people associate modifications, such as coloured wheels, with sports cars. While it’s true that modification mostly applies to sports cars, that doesn’t mean that they can be used by everyday vehicles.

The choices for coloured wheels used to be very limited, but that changed until recently since the wheel market became competitive. Manufacturers are always looking to make money, so they made coloured wheels widely available. However it is much more cost effective to refurbish the wheels you have in a colour of your choice.

Things to Consider if you are changing your car wheels

Wheels must be safe to use, so consider some essential things if you are considering replacing your wheels. These include:

  • Ensuring that the specific wheel model fits your car
  • Wheel width
  • The wheel rim’s diameter
  • The bolt pattern or what determines the wheels that will fit on your car.
  • The centre bore, or the component that holds the wheel in place, must also be positioned precisely to prevent wheel vibration
  • The wheel offset
  • Ensuring there are no cracks or dents in the wheels that could affect safety
  • Wheels are free from corrosion that could affect tyre pressures and car safety

Ill-fitting wheels won’t work well, and you shouldn’t force them as safety comes first. Again it may be simpler to consider having your existing wheels colour changed. No matter how old they are there is a way of bringing them back to life.

The Colour and Design You Choose Matters

The colour of the wheels can make or break your vehicle’s appearance.

Grey or silver wheels are found in most cars. They may look generic, but they can also look attractive. This comes in lighter and darker shades, and there are also matte and chrome variants. There are options to add metallic flake to really make the wheels pop in the sunshine.

On the other hand, a very popular colour among car owners is black wheels. Black wheels are incredibly versatile and will look good on any vehicle. Choosing a coloured wheel to match the colour of your car can work well or often customers choose the colour to match the vehicle trim and that gives a great contrast. There are also many different wheel colours that you can choose from.


The process of choosing a wheel colour can be great fun and can give your car that edge and personality that stands out from the crowd.

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