Tyres are among the most crucial parts of a car. Most drivers don’t take notice of this and simply ignore them. However, if we pay more attention to tyre maintenance, tyres can last longer and travel farther. 

Maintaining them does not only result in better vehicle performance; it can also steer you from expensive repairs and danger. After all, a worn tyre may result in skidding, reduce the effectiveness of your breaks, and possibly damage your wheel and vehicle alignment. As the elements of your car that bear its entire weight, your tyres should be among your top considerations.

Here are some steps you can take to keep your tyres in their top-notch shape.

1. Check Pressure Regularly.

Tyre pressure greatly affects the performance of your car while braking, steering, and handling. If they are over-inflated or under-inflated, they can increase fuel consumption and leave them vulnerable to wear and tear. In some cases, this can even lead to a blowout, which may cause a serious accident. 

The rule is to check your pressure every four weeks. If you own a spare tyre, check the pressure on it too. 

2. Check for Wear and Tear.

You’ll know if a tyre needs changing simply by looking at it. Doing a physical check should help you identify if the tyre has damages or unusual wear and tear. You should observe for cuts, bulges, and deep scratches. If any of these show up, have your tyres checked by a professional for safety. In worst-case scenarios, the tyres have to be changed just to be sure. 

If the tyres get punctured during a drive, slow down and stop in the appropriate and safe location to replace the burst tyre with your spare.

3. Ensure That the Treads Are Enough

Treads are the grooves on a tyre. What they do is create friction to prevent slipping and sliding. They are there to ensure safety for the drivers and other vehicles on the road. However, treads might become shallow due to wear and tear. The safe depth is at 1.6mm and going lower than that means it will be dangerous to drive.

4. Keep the Tyres Aligned

Misalignment is a common issue in any type of vehicle. When it happens, it can cause uneven wear, which weakens one tyre and makes it more prone to damage. It affects how the driver controls the vehicle and increases fuel consumption. 

If you’re having a professional perform a maintenance check, have them look at the alignment of your tyres too. From there, they can recommend the right repairs and adjustments.

5. Maintain Good Driving Habits

As the driver, you control the vehicle and are responsible for how tyres are used. Keep in mind that hard braking or excessive acceleration can significantly affect your tyres. The best thing you can do is follow the rules on the road and drive carefully.


Tyre maintenance is important and relatively easy. Make sure to monitor your tyres regularly—best before and after every drive. You can save money on expensive repairs and ensure that every drive is safe.

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