With the proper care and maintenance, even the oldest vehicles can look fresh out of the factory. There are plenty of things you can do to give your decrepit old car a bold new start. One way you can breathe life into your older model is to take it in for a professional wheel refurbishment and have the wheels painted. 

How would car wheel paint help?

There are two important benefits of car wheel paint. One, it can make your car look pristine and well-maintained. Two, wheel paints are designed to improve and protect the wheels. They create a protective layer against dirt, road salt, grime, chemicals, brake dust, and the like. They are also made to stick well, so they are highly resistant to chipping and flaking. 

They are best used to cover and repair scratches and scuffing. If the previous paintwork has faded over time, a new coat might be in order. 

These paints can be purchased at most automotive shops both on and offline if you wish to attempt to do it yourself, but we do recommend that you have your wheels refurbished professionally by specialists. 

If you are applying the wheel paint yourself, make sure your wheels have been realigned and refurbished properly, as these processes can damage your paintwork if done after instead of before. 

The choices in wheels

There are more options for repainting and refurbishing your wheels than just colours. In this section, we will talk about some of the choices you have. 

Powder coating

If you so decide, you could have a powder coating added on top of the paint. Powder coatings are tougher and are applied after a coat of paint as the paint is still wet. The powder will then cure to the wheel, coating it in an even tougher finish than paint. This is definitely an important consideration. 


Most people stick to black and silver for their wheel paint, but there is no limit to the colours you can use to match your desired aesthetic. Orange, green, cerulean, and red are entirely valid choices. If you so choose, you could even have different colours for each wheel. The only limit is your imagination. 

The finish

Another step is to decide on the texture of the finish. You can decide on matte, satin, or high gloss. This is an entirely aesthetic choice. Although many recommend that you try to match the paintwork on the exterior of your vehicle, using a contrasting colour might also work to highlight the overall beauty of the car. 

Final thoughts

Professional wheel refurbishing is just one of the things necessary to maintain the longevity of any vehicle. It could be to make sure that your car looks like it is cared for well or to keep an older model looking new for as long as possible. It could even be part of some eclectic customisation plans that you might have. Whatever the case may be, your car is better off if you regularly have its wheels refurbished. 

If you’re looking for professional wheel refurbishing services in Essex, send us a message at Wicked Rims. We can bring life back into your wheels.