People who own a vehicle know how time-consuming the maintenance can be. Even so, proper maintenance is crucial as it will ensure your car stays in good condition.

Vehicle maintenance involves a close inspection of a few key parts of your vehicle such as your steering wheel, engine, tank, and alloy wheels, to name a few. These parts are subject to wear and tear over time and must be repaired and replaced when necessary.

While you can easily visit a mechanic to handle the repairs, it’s much better to prevent unwanted incidents from happening in the first place. Sometimes, however, accidents happen and you may find yourself on the side of the road with alloy wheels that are damaged beyond repair.

Here’s more about alloy wheel damage and why they should be maintained regularly:

Why is Maintaining Your Alloy Wheels Necessary?

When you handle the general upkeep of your car, you want to make sure it looks good and delivers an aesthetic appeal. Aside from getting a paint job and some car accessories, having quality alloy wheels installed are necessary to improve the structure of your car and your driving.

Alloy wheels help you achieve smoother steering capabilities while helping you turn your wheels without too much effort. Unfortunately, if you encounter a problem down the road, your alloy wheels can be put on the line, resulting in scratches, dents, and other damages that may appear invisible to you—but not to a mechanic.

If you think damaged alloys will only influence your car’s appearance, it’s crucial to know that it can place unnecessary pressure on your entire vehicle. Your car’s engine, for one, will run harder just to make sure your tyres keep turning. Eventually, it will cause a domino effect and affect the other parts of your beloved car.              

What Causes Damage to Your Alloy Wheels?

Typically, your alloy wheels can undergo damages if you get into a high-impact collision that involves another car or a kerb on the road while driving at top speed. The impact can force out your alloy wheels and remove their protective surface, allowing dust and debris to get inside and result in long-term difficulties such as the buildup of rust.

Oftentimes, you won’t immediately see the damage caused to your wheels. If you’re driving fast and don’t brake for an incoming speedbump or pothole in time, it can negatively impact your wheel rim.

If you want to guarantee your wheels are intact, whether you get into an unfortunate situation or experience a minor incident, you should bring your car to a professional wheel refurbishment specialist as soon as possible. The repair will be based on the severity of the damage, but what’s important is ultimately finding a car specialist who can watch over your vehicle and oversee the necessary repairs.

When to Get Your Alloy Wheels Repaired

Unfortunately, alloy wheel damage isn’t always easy to spot, especially to the untrained eye. It’s crucial to check your wheels for any noticeable damages, including tyres that are constantly deflated. Whenever you drive your car, and you feel an unusual vibration on your seat or steering wheel, it can also indicate a potential wheel issue.

If your car handling is difficult and you need to exert more energy just to turn your wheel each time, there’s an underlying obstacle. Besides that, hearing rattling sounds when you’re driving and having to fill up your fuel more often than before are also instances that require your immediate attention. 


The best thing you can do to avoid permanent damage to your alloy wheels and a potential road accident is to have your car undergo regular maintenance. You don’t have to wait to get into a collision before visiting a car mechanic because you have to be one step ahead of the problem. Your alloy wheels serve as an integral part of your vehicle, requiring you to call for repairs the moment you experience a dilemma. That’s why it’s essential to maintain your car, avoid causing damage to its wheels, and call for alloy wheel refurbishment ASAP.

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