Beyond bodywork and engine sounds, the most noticeable part of any car, motorcycle, or truck will always be the set of rims that they roll on.

Whether you know them as “wheels,” “mags,” “rims,” or “road rollers,” these performance and visual upgrades are bound to be the star of the show when picking out the right set to match your style. With tens of thousands of different options available in the UK market alone, finding the perfect alloy wheel replacement to elevate your sweet ride’s aesthetic is a task that has many outcomes that you can best enjoy over time!

Although each wheel option adds another dimension of style to the way any vehicle looks and feels, there’s one cosmetic upgrade that you can use to enhance your ride: Wheel painting.

The allure of getting your wheels painted

Ever since its rise, the possibility of getting a wheel colour change has altered the field of automotive customisation in more ways than one may expect. When pulled off correctly, an alloy wheel paint can act as a strong personal style statement of the car the whole set is fitted on.

Now, while the idea of getting your wheels painted and why you should do so is straightforward, there’s one aspect about this cosmetic boost that needs to be brought up: the mistakes that you shouldn’t make.

Mistakes to avoid when painting your alloy wheels

Although it may not seem like much at first, painting your alloy wheel wrong can easily put all your hard-earned money and dedication to making your car look amazing down the drain. Fortunately, avoiding all these common mistakes can be easily be done by knowing which ones to avoid in the first place, such as the following:

Mistake #1: Not prepping before painting

If there’s anything that’s bound to ruin your wheel repaint job right off the bat, it would be failing to correctly prepare the surface for a proper finish.

What most people end up overlooking when they rush right into a job is that having a prepped surface is essential for a smooth, even, and durable finish. By taking the time to fully sand down the alloy wheel’s surface, you’ll make it far easier for the primer, coating, and paint to stick and hold evenly, which leads to a top-class finish!

Mistake #2: Working with banged-up wheels

Aside from having an unprepared base to work with, another significant factor that can ruin the overall finish of your alloy paint wheel job is working on the surface, even if it’s littered with dings and scratches.

While you may think that a fresh coat of paint hides all the imperfections and flaws that your wheels have accumulated over the years, the truth is that a painting job amplifies their presence. Before you start laying down the coats of paint on your wheels, you should get a full alloy wheel refurbishment to ensure that the imperfections on the wheels are properly ironed out!


As exciting as it may sound to enhance the appearance on your car’s rims as you’ve never seen before, it’s important to first brush up on all the potential mistakes you’ll need to avoid. By taking note of the two common and crucial wheel painting mistakes mentioned above, you can keep everything running smoothly and end up with a finished product that you’ll be proud of for years!

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