People who own cars strive to preserve the quality condition of their vehicles, especially if they’re brand-new. You get your car washed regularly, bring it to the repair shop for checkups and even go so far as accessorising it to improve its appearance.

But when it comes to unnoticeable obstructions on the road, accidents can happen if you aren’t too careful. If you don’t focus on driving, it’s possible to hit a pothole or curb and damage your car’s wheels.  

If you keep your alloy wheels in top shape, you can be sure that you won’t have any trouble driving. However, experiencing bumps can ruin your wheels over time and compromise your safety. Keep reading below to find out the typical wheel damages your car can experience, which can indicate it’s time to visit the car shop for repairs and possible replacements.

Damaging Your Tyres

Due to the poor construction of some roads in the UK, it’s not unlikely for drivers to pass through rough roads and potholes that can end up damaging your tyres. Even if you try to be careful when you drive over a pothole, it can still ruin your wheels and even form holes on them.

But if you’re driving fast and you fail to see a pothole, the impact can cause your tyres to split apart and deflate right away. You can tell your tyre has been damaged if you suddenly lose control of your car. 

Besides, other tyre damages may need you to inspect your wheels up close. Right after you find out your tyres are impaired, you will need to go to a professional wheel refurbishment right away. Doing so can prevent further damages and allow you to get back on the road safely.

Denting Your Alloy Wheels

Your tyres aren’t the only part of your car that can suffer from pothole incidents. Your alloy wheels are also at risk of becoming dented, which can ruin the appearance of your vehicle. Whether you were driving slow or fast and you hit a pothole, it’s crucial to stop by the side of the road to check the situation.

Aside from affecting your car’s exterior, there’s a big chance that your dented alloy wheels can also influence your driving. If you aren’t careful, you might come across problems on the road that could lead to accidents.

The best thing to do is to head to the nearest car shop and ask for alloy wheel repair services right away. While you aren’t prepared to handle the expenses, being safe is better than being sorry once you get into a situation that will cost you more money. 

Scratching Your Alloy Scuffs 

While hitting speed bumps and potholes are common problems that drivers experience, another thing you need to watch out for are road curbs. There’s a considerable chance for your alloy wheels to receive scratches and scrapes the moment you come into contact with them.

Whether you’re backing up your car or making a turn and you graze along a curb, you can expect to find a mark left on your alloy rims. Since curbs are made out of concrete or granite, their rough texture can cause damage to your car.

Despite that, a professional can easily repair chipped alloy scuffs, so there’s nothing to worry about. It won’t influence your driving skills, but it can affect your once spotless car. If you have the funds, you should get your car fixed at the shop soon to make it look good as new.


Your car’s wheels play a significant role because, without them, you won’t be able to drive your vehicle around whenever you want. When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, it’s essential to get your tyres checked regularly by a professional so that they can provide the best treatment your car deserves.

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