Why Powder Coating Always Outperforms Spray Painting

When it comes to giving your wheels a new lease on life, aluminium car wheel refurbishment is perhaps the best way to do it. However, one of the questions each car workshop owner will ask you is whether to use powder coating or spray painting. Both processes come with their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs, but only powder coating can achieve a long-lasting effect on your aluminium wheels. The following are just a few of the advantages that powder coating offers to those interested in trying it out for their car wheels.

1. Higher Level of Resistance

The rims of a vehicle are probably one of the most abused parts of any car. Depending on the season, you could start dealing with flaking, chipping, or corrosion issues whenever you take your car out for a spin. All that salt, road grime, and other outdoor elements will slowly chip away the life off your rims with every rotation. Even those tiny specks of gravel and other debris can damage your rims over time. 

However, when you use powder coating on your rims, it actually creates a non-porous surface that shields the wheels more than a traditional paint job can provide. This gives your wheels a lot more resistance from the elements, making them last longer.

2. Better Durability

Higher resistance also comes with better durability, which is characteristic of powder coating. Those particles of powder coating, when sprayed on your wheels, makes it much more durable due to a process called curing. Powder coating is applied then baked in an oven at high heat levels, causing the coating to fuse together. This results in a thicker surface and more consistent surface coverage. You’ll have aluminium rims that could last three times longer than traditional paintwork.

3. Environmentally Friendly Solution

Spray painting uses chemicals that tend to contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These substances prove to be harmful to your lungs and can even negatively affect the ozone layer. If you like to redo the painting of your rims yourself, this can be hazardous to your health even if you use protective equipment.

This is why many car owners prefer powder coating, as it doesn’t rely on the use of VOCs. Also, there’s no need to deal with the excess paint you might have as well, which is virtually impossible to capture or reuse after you finish your wheels. 

4. Better Coverage for Your Rims

When comparing spray painting and powder coating applications, there are certain areas on the wheel that liquid paint just can’t reach. While these areas may be small and insignificant, it does have an impact on the structural integrity of your rims. This issue is quite common if you have rims that feature intricate designs and you had them spray painted.

Powder coating uses an electrostatic method, allowing access to the most challenging parts of your wheels to ensure adequate coverage all over. Then the baking process is used to lock in the coating and make sure that every area is covered.


Spray painting your wheels is a low-cost and widely accepted method of coating your rims. However, it does not live up to its reputation of protecting your wheels as powder coating does. Powder coating offers better durability, coverage, protection and can even last longer.

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